Press Release, Rome, February 15th, 2021

 The WindMill ART POWER PLANT  Association

Women’s art includes all women in a living artwork

and invites them to an

Open call for

W.A.D. & COMMUNITY (Women Visual Artists Database)

We are pleased to announce the launch of the nonprofit association “WindMill ART POWER PLANT” that was created to communicate and breath new life into contemporary art projects, while aiming to overturn an art scene still firmly dominated by patriarchal culture. Just like the windmill taken as its symbol,the Association aims to convert into positive energy a fundamental resource that, in this case, has been ignored for too long: the creativity of women working in the 20th and 21st centuriesXX and XI centuries. Their artworks and projects will at last find their voices and have access to a proper sounding board.

The artist Laura VdB Facchini ihas masterminded the project. She is of Italian-Dutch origins and works in the field of design and visual arts. She is principally known for her large site-specific installations.

The launch of the WindMill ART POWER PLANT Association will take place on March 8th  with a social media campaign that aims to show, through an art video, that every woman has “the art [of life] in her hands”. In this way the organization starts off  strong with its main message that includes inclusion and openness as WindMill’s founding values.The art video is the result of collaboration between Laura VdB Facchini and two colleagues; this way of working together hints at the announcement made in the film: the Association’s first international project, titled W.A.D. & community. The Women’s  Visual Artist Database wants to bring together female artists from all over the world who want to co-operate, to weave a dense web of relationships, share activities, insights and experiments. The main goal is to help women artists overcome the bias and prejudice that, too often, stifle their creative evolution. WindMill will highlight the specific value of every single artist and offer a real opportunity for concrete realization and visibility alongside the great women artists of the 20th  century. The Association will preserve the memory of these “Women Masters”, promoting awareness of them for the sake of future generations.

Thus two of WindMill’s goals will come together for concerted action: firstly the drive to stimulate specific studies to be carried out by Fine Arts Academies and Universities, (made possible through the cataloguing and the promoting of  artworks and biographical profiles  by women, past and future, who’ve devoted their lives to art. Secondly a community of artists will make the Database, as the center of the cataloguing process, a vital organism, taken as the means to promote exchanges of ideas and co-operation among the participating sister artists, who will inevitably aid the repositioning of the complex female artistic experience to the center of Italian cultural debate.

The initiative openly declares that we are still in time to save female creativity from oblivion.

The greater the number of participants the faster the W.A.D. project will take off. For the good of women in Art all female artists, over 18 years of age and from any nation, are invited to participate in W.A.D. & Community.

OPEN CALL: for Rules and How to Register please refer to the .pdf files on our website: .

The advisory committee is charged with approving applications to enter the daabase. Registration is free.


The advisory committee:

Carolina Ciuti (Pistoia, Italy, 1990) is a contemporary art curator and researcher in the

fields of visual and performing arts. She holds a BA in History and Preservation of

Artistic Heritage from the University of Florence and a MA in Contemporary Art from the

Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. She is currently the artistic director of the moving

image festival LOOP Barcelona and a member of the art collective CriB.

Manuela De Leonardis (Rome 1966), art historian, journalist and independent curator. In artistic fields she has often dealt with topics related to gender studies. She is the creator

and curator of the exhibition and editorial project Women’s blood. Traces of red on the

white cloth (Postmedia Books 2019).

Laura (Van der Bol) Facchini is a visual artist of Dutch origins. She holds a Degree in Events Design and Entertainment Management from the University of Florence. She is the creator of the project Women Visual Artists Database.

Miranda MacPhail deals with contemporary art criticism and analysis; since 1988 she has worked for the Gori Collection in Pistoia (Tuscany).

Nicoletta Ricasoli was born and lives in Prato. Ever since high school she has been fond of art. And is one of the founders of the Silere Cultural Association. She represents the nonprofit association WindMill.

Next March 8th, 2021 — International Women’s Day

— Launch of the W.A.D & community project via the  ART IS IN YOUR HANDS video

— A Mobile Art Action by Laura VDB Facchini with artists Myriam Cappelletti and Antonia Trevisan

To make network means to promote sisterhood in life and art. So we call upon all women to take part in a collective digital action by sharing the video ART IS IN YOUR HANDS with your contacts.