Women’s art gathers all women into a living artwork

OPEN CALL W.A.D. & community (Women Visual Art Database)


The powerful strength of the wind blows on the mills and produces energy. Similarly, Laura VdB Facchini on summer 2020 founded her Nonprofit Association WindMill ART POWER PLANT with the purpose of giving contemporary arts a lash comparable to the strength of a fresh innovative burst of energy. In fact, the target of the Association is to supply Women Artists with new power in order to:

  • Overcome coactions and prejudices that often accompany every step of their professional careers.
  • Put the complexity of female experience in the heart of the cultural debate
  • Establish a persistent network of relations that privileges the participation of every artist of whatsoever ethnicity, cultural and artistic areas.


“The Art works of the artists must be visible, their voices must be heard” Miranda Mac Phail

This is the reason why the symbol of the Association WindMill ART POWER PLANT is a mill that catches the wind and transforms it in energy. To convert the wind of creativity in positive energy, to collect  the  requests  of  artists,  to  create  real  opportunities  for  them  and  to  bring  out  the undisputed fact that every woman has the art of life in her hands.   This is the aim of W.A.D.&community project, this is the result of such a strong motivation.

The project foresees the constitution of a data bank and of an in progress archive of women artists of every nationality, born during the XX century, currently active in the world of arts or who have recently passed away.

The aim of W.A.D.&community is to:

  • Enhance and promote the great input that women give to the world of Arts with their professionalism and indefatigable search
  • Perpetuate and defend from oblivion the oeuvres made by women in order to give them the chance to be understood in a cultural world still anchored on patriarchal grounds
  • Highlight the value of women artists through specific studies
  • Preserve the memory of entire lives who were dedicated to Arts.
  • Promote studies and researches together with Art Academies and Universities
  • Support the realization of real opportunities for women artists

The  project aims to  activate a  community intended as  a  network of  acquaintances between women artists helped by social media. The target is to assemble the Database as a living organism, rich of creative energy, which promotes exchanges of ideas and co-operations among artists, anchored in our days and projected to the future.

With this in mind, female artists of any age or nationality are invited to an

Open call

for visual women artists

How to register to W.A.D.&community

It has been constituted a scientific committee that will decide the approval of the applications. The registration  is  free.  Rules  and  procedures  for  registration  may  be  downloaded  in  pdf  at  the website: www.windmillart.it.

The  scientific  committee  is  composed  by  :  Carolina  Ciuti,  Manuela  De  Leonardis,  Laura  VdB Facchini, Miranda MacPhail, Nicoletta Ricasoli