Barbara Philipp

data inserimento W.A.D. 10/2021

Nata nel 1977





I am a visual artist who works with drawing, painting and performances. Drawing is for me a form of visual diary about my life as a mother artist, embedded in different cultures and languages. To give the drawings a shelter, the right form for me can be in an artist book or in a wooden doll house installation. My inspiration is located in my social and natural environment, in language and communication. In my work I explore the ephemeral nature of the physical being and its projections and interpretations in society. My rising awareness for mother artist issues found its origin in the reading group about motherhood, organised by founding director of the international m/other voices foundation Deirdre M. Donoghue. I love to collaborate and discover other artist perspectives. In collaboration with the Tomorrow Girls Troop (TGT), an activist and feminist group in Japan, I gave a lecture performance called Mother Artist in Action in Tokyo. I am also contributed with a performance about bonding at the Mothers in Arts project of Csilla Klenyanszki and wrote in collaboration with the women activist, feminist and artist Shira Richter for the wall newspaper Ausreisser. Born in Austria I studied first in Vienna ( Akademie der Bildenden Künste), then in Paris (èsnba) and in Frankfurt(Städelschule) and I finished the master program of the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). Since then I am living and working in the Netherlands and in Austria. My works have been shown internationally and since the first lockdown I run an intervention place in my studio, called Viennese Coffee House.


Born 1977 in Graz/ Austria, lives and works in Amsterdam (NL) and Vienna (A)

Education and activities:

since 2020 start of the project series The Viennese Coffee House, Amsterdam

2015 collaboration with Andrea Inglese´s project ‘The Description Of The World’

2007 – 2009  Degree (MA) at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI)

2003- 2004    Degree of the Academy of Fine Arts (MA), Vienna

1997 -2002    Degree ( DNSEP) of the Academy of Fine Arts (énsba), Paris

2001 -2002    Residency at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main

 Art residencies:

 2014    residency Artist on a Hill, Wald (ZO), Switzerland

2003    artist in residency, project Secret Views for Rhizom, in cooperation with Styrian autumn festival ( Steirischer Herbst) and Graz 2003

 Solo exhibitions (selection):

 2020   Mothers Matter, exhibition and artist book presentation at the gallery Ortner, Vienna Knock down, open air exhibition in the museum gardens, Cairo

2017  Immunity/security without guaranty, exhibition and artist book presentation at the gallery Ortner, Vienna Mum Artist In Action, lecture performance at the 331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

2014   Echo-Walk, performance in the hills around Wald (ZO), Switzerland

2010  Special Features, Galerie Sommer (Kunst&Handel), Vienna

2006  Cockaigne, performance and exhibition at the Minoriten Gallery, Graz

group exhibitions (selection):

2021    Mutterseelenallein ( All alone the world), performance at the conference TheMissingMother, Bolton

2020    Parallel Vienna, Altes Gewerbehaus Rudolf- Sallinger- Platz 1, project Ortner,


2019    Austrian Graphic Competition, Taxipalais Kunsthalle Innsbruck

2018    SheShows, Leyden Gallery, London

Show at Eurojust /the European Court, Den Haag

Squat, Den Haag

2017    MSQ-AMS-PAR#1, performance with Andrea Inglese and Aleksei Shinkarenko at the CONTEXT_festival at the lettrétage in Berlin

Matching objects, performative intervention at the Mothernists II conference in


String Games ( Himmel und Hölle), performance for MotherInArts, Goleb,


Immunity/security without guaranty, presentation during the Oxyotocin conference at the Royal College of Art, London

2016    Are we our own public?, conference at the art residency Motherhouse, London

2015    The Procreate Project Archive, at the Women’s art library (MAKE), London

Paris, Ausstellung in der remixx- Galerie in Graz

Echoing, artist talk , organised by Mbassady Unlimited, Den Haag

2013    Unpacking Performativity, Lecture Performance im Universiteit Theater,


2010    Capturing Metamorphosis, Uva ErfgoedLab, Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam

2009    Public Gesture, in Zusammenarbeit mit If I can’t dance , Dublin

Nitsch, Vorbilder/Zeitgenossen/Lehre, Künstlerhaus Wien

 Publications and press (selection):

 about my work:

 2021     Npo1, radio station, Mothers artists rukken op, with Joke de Wolf

TEA with MAM, live video podcast, directed by Helen Sargeant

2020      Interview with Evelyn Schalk  for her article Knock Down – and then? in Tatsachen/ Ausreisser, of the interview series: Voices from the Crisis, Voices against the Crisis

40 Austrian paints describing the impact of corona life, article written by Ahmed

Abd El Alim at Rosalyoussef Daily Newspaper

 Journal intime d´une artiste confinée, written by May Selim in Hebdo Al-Ahram

 Publication of my artist book Mothers Matter, limited edition

 2018      MSQ-AMS-PAR, Andrea Inglese/Barbara Philipp/ Aleksei Shinkarenko

at Idiome, Hefte für Neue Prosa, nr.11

2017 In the magazine issue #78  Feminismus/ Basta of the Austrian Wall Newspaper Ausreisser, article “Feminist symbol readjusted”, written by Shira Richter.

 Publication of my artist book Immunity/security without guaranty, limited edition

Written/ drawn contributions:

 2021 Mothers, Mothering and Covid-19: Dispatches from the Pandemic, edited by Andrea O´Reilly and Fiona Joy Green

 2020 Maternal Art Magazine, First Issue Stay at home, edited by Helen Sargeant Contribution to ziar, newspaper/ art publication, produced by Cătălina Nistor Contribution to Manuskripte 228, Austrian literature magazine

 2017 The problem with beauty, article about Shira Richter´s work, written by Barbara Philipp, in the magazine issue #78  Feminismus/ Basta of the Austrian wall newspaper Ausreisser