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In Italy, as in other countries, the ambition of achieving true equal opportunity via the deconstruction of gender stereotypes remains an unfulfilled ambition. What’s more, in the pandemic period the rather slight progress made in the field of gender equality risks being swept away just at the time when women’s experience and leadership is needed more than ever to anchor resilience and enact social recovery.

Wind Mill Wants to invite all artists without distinction of gender to participate actively to a cultural change, it is together and not one against the other that we can obtain a deep transformation in order to create equal opportunities in the world of arts.

The winds of change are being felt and in the contemporary arts this new energy is also coming from the Windmill Art Power Plant

The Association’s aims are to help women artists over the hurdles of constraint and prejudice in order to launch their careers; to place the complexity of women’s experience at the center of cultural discussion

to create a lasting network to jumpstart the participation of women artists (not just the Italians) in all fields of culture and the arts. Artworks by women must be seen, their voices heard.

Mobile Art Action : ART IS IN YOUR HANDS

The artist Laura VdB Facchini of the Association Nonprofit WindMill ART POWER PLANT, together with the artists Myriam Cappelletti and Antonia Trevisan, realized the video: ART IS IN YOUR HANDS to promote the birth of the project W.A.D. &community. The birthday of the project will be symbolically on March, 8th 2021 the International Day of Women and aims to create a database that will collect,

WAD Visual Artist

propagate and preserve the work of female artists internationally. Every woman, not only women artists, has the art of life in her hands. Therefore activate the network, foster the sisterhood in life and art! We urge you to be part of this collective digital action. Please share this video with your contacts so that we can all celebrate this significant day on every level.

Laura V.d.B.(Van der Bol) Facchini was born in Prato (Italy) from a dutch mother and an italian father. Great part of her life she passes in the Netherlands which culture and tradition reflect in her works.
She lives between Rome and Prato


Miranda MacPhail

WindMill ART POWER PLANT or the New Energy of Art

“Art and Immagination”

“When I create my art I feel like an open conduit. I imagine my body as a funnel through which the whole world is poured into the artwork. And yet I always have the audience beyond the funnel in mind because, without them, half the artwork’s meaning would be lost”


“In other countries, just like in Italy, it’s difficult for women artists to develop their oeuvre, obstacles are found in all stages of their careers”


“Acceptance is of the utmost importance, otherwise women from other countries, who have so much to offer, risk being relegated to the bottom of the ladder. The WindMill Association will most definitely work for them as well and on an equal footing.”


“To let oneself go, to leave:

The one condition of the journey.


Life is never where it is. Always

about to leave..

It doesn’t return. Unrepeatable.”