Mobile Art Action : ART IS IN YOUR HANDS

WAD Visual Artist


The artist Laura VdB Facchini of the Association Nonprofit WindMill ART POWER PLANT, together with the artists Myriam Cappelletti and Antonia Trevisan, realized the video: ART IS IN YOUR HANDS to promote the birth of the project WAD &community. The birthday of the project will be symbolically on March, 8th 2021 the International Day of Women and aims to create a database that will collect, propagate and preserve the work of female artists internationally. Every woman, not only women artists, has the art of life in her hands. Therefore activate the network, foster the sisterhood in life and art! We urge you to be part of this collective digital action. Please share this video with your contacts so that we can all celebrate this significant day on every level.

The Project

art video ART IS IN YOUR HANDS to promote the wind mill no profit organisation and the birth of the project WAD &community