Eva Sauer

Nata nel 1973


data inserimento W.A.D. 10/2021



When I was la child, my parents gave me the most powerful of all tools: the gift of freedom. We lived in the tuscan “campagna”, vineyards and olives on the hill tops and dense woods in the valley. The days would start with my best friend knocking on my door, and would end with our parents calling us from top of the hill while we stood with our feet in the little creek chasing small fishes or dragonflies. Answering the supper bell, we left nature to gather round the kitchen table in front of a burning fire.Most nights we had guests join us for evening Salon discussions on contemporary issues with my parents. Mother and father would each rule their half of the long table, leaving the people in the middle unsure as to whom to listen too.

At the age of twelve we left the Tuscan Hills for good.   My mother’s tiny car brought us safely to her hometown Duesseldorf. I did not settle easily into my new surroundings and needed a long while to recover from the separation from my old life. Allergies plagued me during this portion of my life.

At the age of 22, after a quite turbulent start of my independent life, I decided to leave for Hamburg. I liked the city back then, as it was sunny and warm, and people were happy. Later I discovered I had arrived in the hottest summer in forty years. After that summer the warmth never came back but, instead I was rewarded with a hot nightlife, hot enough to make me stay ten years studying art; until the professors decided to get rid of me. I had occupied the school for too much time in their eyes. I had enjoyed plentiful of working rooms and laboratories, free materials and big spaces, and re-settling in a small apartment to work did not appeal. I left my studies behind and departed again.

My father was in poor health so I moved to Florence to care for him until he decided that he had lived long enough and departed. He partied until his heart gave up. It was the perfect ending, the one he had always wished for. As much as I miss him, I understand him. 

I now live between Duesseldorf and Florence, two quite different worlds despite the small distance between them.

I started my life connecting with the green world around me. Together with my best friend we watched and fought all the city bastards throwing garbage out of their shiny city-cars when they came into the green. They would park their cars on growing plants, rip up the flowers from the fields and leave barely any bulbs in the soil for re growth. This early observation of this ignorance towards nature, combined with the tutelage of my environmentalist grandfather, formed my early ideas about environmental respect and sustainability. Sharing everything with my friends was also an important part of my upbringing. Back then I believed my friends, family and my animals would be enough to sustain a good life. The city taught me otherwise but I am still not comfortable in its crowds.

My art mirrors everything I learned and everything I am so far, from the research on toxic waste flows, to the talk “on walls”, as walls mark a limit of movement/of freedom.In the beginning I told my stories through photography, my mother’s milieu, and later move on to Installation, working in my father’s medium, ceramics. He was quite well known in his field and I am happy to follow his steps though the clay. 





“Breathe a Word”. Curated by Serena Trinchero, PIA, Florence, IT “Fendendo le nuvole I monti varcai”, (with Rachel Morellet), MOO, Prato, IT

“Stream Line. Toxic Colonisation”. Curated By Matteo Innocenti. Studio/La Portineria, Florence, IT


“Note di Sguardi” a project of Giovanna Sarti, Gino Gianuizzi and Sara Bernshausen, public space of Cervia/Bologna/Berlin IT/DE

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As FAMA (Lapolla, Morellet, Sauer, Villani), Ulus Triennale “It never happened”, Belgrade, RS “The Broken Archive”. Online Project. Villa Romana and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, DE First International Festival of Manuports, KOHTA Kunsthalle, Helsinki, FI

As FAMA: (Lapolla, Morellet, Sauer, Villani), in the context of Scuola Popolare: “Laboratorio

Metastabile”, Villa Romana, Florence, IT



“Il Sesto Regno” Lecture/Exhibition in the Contest of Scuola Popolare (with Simoncini.Tangi), Villa

Romana, Florence, IT

“Ghost Attractor”, (FAMA-Lapolla/Morellet/Sauer/Villani), MOM Art Space, Hamburg, DE


“Murmurations”, curated by Vincent Le Pichon, L’ Ilot Savage, Niort, FR



“Quindicesima  Giornata del Contemporaneo, Museo di Arte Contemporanea  e del Novecento”, Mac,N Monsummano, IT

“Monumento s(fatto) / Padiglione Balcani”, Curated by MonuMed (Alessandro Gallicchio, Pierre

Sintès), Villa Romana, Florence, IT



“A meditation  on violence” Galleria Frittelli, Florence. IT

“Lat: 39o 05’N Long: 016o 05’E”, Curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Srisa Gallery, Florence. IT “Alchimie tra terra e cielo”, curated by M. Becattini, Salvatore Ferragamo Collection, Il Borro. IT Collective:

Tashkent Biennale for Contemporary Art, curated by Nasima Juraeva, Tashkent, UZ “Manifesto” (FAMA-Lapolla/Morellet/Sauer/Villani) BAU Nr.15: Museo del 900, Milan; GAMC, Viareggio IT

Contribution for Caterina Pecchioli’s “Colazione d’Artista: “Caccia alle Intruse”, as part of the festival “L’Eredità delle Donne” Florence IT

“Quite Concrete”, La Déviation, Marseille, FR



«Skūmaz» (FAMA-Lapolla, Morellet, Sauer, Villani), Villa Romana (Pavillon), Florence. IT

«Covo-Nius «(Eva Sauer,Pamela Gori) – Artforms (.con festival) Prato IT


«Covo-Nius» – the video. Presented by Artforms@DavidePaludettoArteContemporanea at NEXST Festival Torino IT

«Dissipatio HG», curated by Gino Gianuizzi, Galerie L’ Entrepot, Monaco. MC

lectures, symposia and book presentations:

“A meditation  on violence”, Gli Ori Editori, Artefiera, Bologna.  IT

“The Monumentalisation of Power and Urban Practice in the Balkans and the Mediterrean” presents: “A meditation  on violence”,

Camargo Foundation, Cassis FR

Symposium: (A meditation  on violence presents:)  Spaces of Exclusion, Villa Romana, Firenze | A

meditation  on violence, CAMPO, Roma IT



ULUS Triennale of Extended Media, Belgrad. RS

Io vedo, io guardo, curated by Annalisa Cattani, Careof / Fabbrica del Vapore IT

Milano Dress Codex BAU nr.13 – GAMC, Viareggio | Galleria Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea, Pietrasanta | Artforms, Prato | Museo del 900, Milano  IT

No Place. Space. Premio Suzzara Nr. 49 IT



„Missing Masses #11, Oltrecittà“ Villa la Magia, Quarrata. IT

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“Impulse Wave of the Rock Chariot” curated by  G.Bazzani, Fuoriexpo Regione Toscana, Milano


“Die Grosse NRW”, Duesseldorf. DE



Polymorphosis, curated by A. Gallicchio, Interno Otto, Prato (Contemporaneafestival  Prato) IT


13 of December: Arte per Orto, curated by Vaia Belekis, Xenos Arte Contemporanea  IT



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Arti Visive di Pietrasanta IT

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„Semper verde“ curated by Petra Kammann, Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf  DE



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„Piano con Paesaggio“, visioni e confronti; curated by P. Gaglianó, Teatro Studio Scandicci. IT

„Terribilitá e Vaghezza“curated by di Lucia Giardino. Villa Bertelli. Forte dei Marmi. IT



„Ins Blaue hinein“ , curated by Emily Barsi, Galerie Gedok, München. DE


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“Nel Fiume in Piena“, curated by Giacomo Bazzani, Mac´n (Museo di Arte Contemporanea  e

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“Outside the Wall” curated by Viviana Siviero for the gallery Alexander Alvarez, Alessandria IT

„Zooning ordinances“ curated by Collettivo Millepiani, Villa Romana, Florence IT

.„Kunstpunkte“, Düsseldorf. DE

„Contrasto“ Performance and Happening at Villa Romana. IT

„The Wall Archieves“ ,curated by Pietro Gaglianó. Florence. IT



“Last Night a blue thing drifted down the valley” Foto Archivio Toscano, curated by Lara Vinca

Masini, Prato. IT

“Last Night a blue thing drifted down the valley” Gallery Genscher, curated by Nils Emde. Hamburg, Germany. DE


-“Rotte Metropolitane”, “Firenze Sommersa”. Curated by Marco Brizzi. IT

“Gioia collettiva”, curated by Marco Delogu. Palazzo delle Esposizioni,Rome, IT

„La memoria del viaggio“, curated by Marco Delogu. Palazzo Valentini, Rome. IT



-„Eva Sauer“ at “s.t.” senza titolo, gallery, Rome, curated by B. Cestelli-Guidi.



-Edible Edifice – Installation together with the group AVATAR in the Venice-Biennale of

Architecture „Architecture  Beyond Building” IT

  1. In a Wim Wenders Project- “Hotel California” (co-director, stage photography4)

Links: books

Schallschutzwaende 2004


Eva Sauer 2008 http://www.aft.it/quaderni/htm/012.htm A Meditation  on Violence http://www.gliori.it/esplodi.php?id=778


2018 – Phototograph – horizon erased in digital post production

Military Pier exporting Weapons

2015 – 80x80cm – Photographs – C-41 – prints on dibond

Place without description, description without place

2015 – 80x80cm – Photographs – C-41 – prints on dibond

Alfred Nobel's garden

2015 – 80x80cm – Photographs – C-41 – prints on dibond