Felicity Griffin Clark

Nata nel 1964


data inserimento W.A.D. 06/2022



Felicity Griffin Clark is an Australian artist, writer and curator currently based in Rome.

Until December 2020, she was the co-director of Counterweave Arts in Rome and curated several international exhibitions including Art Under Lockdown 2020 and Counterweave Arts’ exhibitions for Rome Art Week – Echoes of Land and Sea (2018),  Aspects of the Goddess (2019) and Surface and Depth (2021).

Felicity’s art practice is built on experimenting and extending a range of traditional techniques and not-so-traditional materials. She uses silk, wool, alpaca and linen, mulberry bark, synthetics, paper, metals and found objects to convey colours, textures, and meanings in unconventional ways. She is especially interested in exploring emotions such as grief, trauma, and stigma:  jealousy, loss, and the scarification of physical suffering often feature in her work. Felicity has exhibited widely in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, the UK, and the USA. 

She won the inaugural Buda Textile Award in 2008. Her three-dimensional work ‘siliqua lucti’ was commissioned for Seth Apter’s book The Mixed Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams from Over 40 Amazing Artists. Member of The Society for Embroidered Work, the European Textile Network, and the Fibre Art Network.


Felicity Griffin Clark Exhibitions

Surface and Depth – Rome 2021 – Amazon Frock-Up

Get Out of My Skull– France/Netherlands/Belgium 2021 – Sibilla, Dea Regina

Io e Me – Rome 2021– Io e Me

Art Under Lockdown– online 2020 – Poppies At Hadrian’s Villa

Aspects of the Goddess– Rome October 2019 – Amazon Bodice

Echoes of Land and Sea (with Olga Teksheva) – Rome October 2018

Il Sangue delle Donne – Italy 2018-2021 – Sangue, Sofferenza, Silenzia!

Counterweave Gallery – June 2017 – present

Lo spirituale nell’arte, Rome, Italy – February 2017 – Threads of Connection I, II & III In.cube8r Gallery, Melbourne – August 2016 – Unbound: explorations into indigo Amsterdam International Art Fair – August 2015 – land, sea, alchemy & siliqua lucti Parallax Art Fair, London, UK – July 2015 – Wound & Time

The Empty Spaces Project, Putnam, USA – April 2015 – Time, Note to Self, Talisman 1, land, sea, alchemy, Ormer Ecstasy

Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne – February 2015 – Jealousy, Xylem/Phloem, Flagellation, Heart Wound, Vagina Dentate 1, Vagina Dentata 2

Media Gallery, Melbourne – August – November 2014 – Desert Triptych, Jealousy, Xylem/Phloem: the interior landscape of trees

Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne – July 2013 – ‘Interior Landscapes’

Stanthorpe Art Award – April 2012 – Jealousy, Desert Triptych

Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne – December 2011 – Blue #1, Heart of Palm

Australasian Quilt Convention – April 2011 – Desert Triptych

Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne – December 2010 – Purple Flow, The Heart of the


Festival of Quilts, United Kingdom – August 2010 – Jealousy

Southern Lands (curated by Dijanne Cevaal), Germany & France – 2010 – Desert Triptych, Desert Night, Desert Marks, Creator Spirit, Red Ochre Landscape, Emergence #1, Emergence #2, Desert Pond

Victorian Quilters ‘One Step Further’ – November-December 2010 – Jealousy, Desert


Victorian Quilters ‘One Step Further’ – November-December 2009 – Brave New World, Gingko Shadows

My Place – South Africa, New Zealand, Australia & France – 2008-10 – Interior Alice

Buda Textile Awards – June 2008 – Glimmer – such a shame she never married

[winner Best in Category and Best in Exhibition]

Amazon Bodice

2020 – textile and mixed media

Horned Goddess

2021 – 30×40 cm – painting

Salvage Moon

2011 – 75×75 cm – painting, mixed media

Sibilla, Dea, Regina

2021 – 25x25x32 cm – sculpture

Unbound #8

2016 – 20x20cm – mixed media