Judith Margolis

Nata nel 1944



data inserimento in W.A.D. 12/2022



I am an Jerusalem-based American artist who draws on the spiritual when confronting the political. My paintings, drawings, artist’s books, multimedia collages and essays aim to celebrate, as well as question, to berate and poke a finger at, how utterly unpredictable and unintelligible, LIFE is. My sense of identity and the essence of my art, spring from a life-long feminist consciousness, a radical educational philosophy of deschooling society, commitment to counter-culture social activism, and an extreme engagement with and ambivalence about religious tradition, especially, but not exclusively Judaism. Mostly, I love to look at, and am often healed, by how things look. BOOKS are my preferred artform. The adventurous details of my biography are reflected in my art. Drawing what I see and publishing the results has been the focus of my creative life.  Teaching, it turns out, is also a calling.



Bachelor of Fine Art Painting/Media Graphics, U. of Southern California, LA, CA 1986

Batchelor of Art and Psychology, Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, CA, 1977

Fine Art (Drawing, Painting Sculpture) Cooper Union, NYC. 1962-64

Selected Residencies, Grants and Faculty Positions

  • Narrative Interventions / Corona-Sequestered International Dialogues; (3 Months) 2021
  • Kol haOT Gallery /Art Residency (3 months), Hutzot haYotzer Historic District,

Jerusalem, 2018

  • Project Room/Art Residency (3 months), The Loft at Liz’s Gallery, LA, CA, 2011
  • 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA, International Art Residency (1 month), 2010
  • Coolidge Colloquium Fellowship (1 month), Auburn Theological Seminary, NYC, 2010
  • Congregation Habonim, NYC, Artist/Scholar in Residence, (2 weeks) 2009
  • 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA, International Art Residency (3 months), 2009
  • Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, CA, Scholar-in- Residence (3 months), 2008
  • International Plein-Air, Morehead, MN, Printmaking Art Residency (2 weeks),1996
  • International Plein Air Chelinshechaya, Russia, Printmaking Art Residency (2 weeks),


  • Arad Arts Project, Arad, Israel, Painting Residency (1 year), 1993-94

* Artist in Residence and art faculty Brandeis College Institute, Simi Valley, CA 1988-2001

  • Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY, Artist-in-Residence (6 weeks) 1983
  • Cornell University Council on the Arts, Project Grant, Ithaca, NY, 1983

Selected Published Art and Writing

  • “Praise Emptiness Essays Verbal and Visual text by Philip Miller, Design and Art by Judith

Margolis, Bright Idea Books, Jerusalem, 2022

  • “Train Music: Writing/Pictures” text by CS Giscombe; Illustrations by Judith Margolis, Omnidawn Publishing, 2021
  • “Life Support Invitation to Prayer,” (Illustrations and Text); Penn State Press / Graphic Medicine Series, Spring, 2019
  • “Country Commune Cooking,” by Lucy Horton, (Illustrations) American History Press, Staunton, VA, Summer, 2019 (Originally published by Coward McCann and Geoghegan, NYC, 1972)
  • “Celery Wine, Story of a West Coast Commune,” by Elaine Sundancer, (Illustrations) Fellowship for Intentional Community, Rutledge, MO, 2019 (Originally published by Community Publications Cooperative, Yellow Springs, OH; 1973)
  • Illustrated Article about my work (Translated into Mandarin), pgs. 26-29, Uncommon

Spaces: Inhabiting Uncertainty, Architectural Worlds Magazine, Vol 28 #149, 2013

  • “Creativity and Healing in a Jewish Context,” Judaism and Health, A Handbook of Practical, Professional and Scholarly Resources, Edited by Jeff Levin and Michele Prince; Jewish Lights, Vermont, 2013
  • Jewish Women: Creating Art, Promoting Change, Featured Artist; Calendar/Exhibition, Hadassah- Brandeis Institute, MA, 2008
  • ”Countdown to Perfection Meditations on the Sefirot,” Text, Sarah Yehudit Schneider, Illustrations by Judith Margolis; Bright Idea Books/Jerusalem, 2008
  • Hadassah Brandeis Activist Artists Women’s Yearbook, 2008
  • Women Artists Date Book, Featured Artist; Syracuse Cultural Workers, NY 2003
  • “Fables for All Ages,” by Frieda Clark Hyman, Illustrations by Judith Margolis; Gefen



Videos/ Judith Margolis YouTube Channel

  • Family Secrets, Graphic Medicine 2022 Chicago Conference
  • The Point,

Selected Exhibitions

Bakersfield Art Museum, CA, 2023

Azrieli Gallery, Jerusalem, 2022

Vienna National Museum – Vienna – 2021

Kol haOT Gallery – Jerusalem – 2018

Ceres Gallery – Chelsea, NYC- 2018

Shir Hadash Beit Knesset Gallery, Tzur Hadassah, Israel, 2018

Art Kibbutz – Governors Island, NYC – 2016

Shelter Gallery – Jerusalem – 2015

Loft at Liz’s Gallery – LA, CA – 2011

Kehelat Yedidya – Jerusalem, Israel – 2011

18th Street Art Center – Santa Monica, CA – 2010

Kehilat Yedidya – Jerusalem, Israel – 2009

Hebrew Union College – New York City – 2009

Hebrew Union College – LA, CA – 2008

Yeshiva U. Museum – New York City – 2004

Of Southern California – LA, CA – 2003

Brandeis-Bardin Inst. – Simi Valley, CA – 2000

Judaism/Platt Gallery – LA, CA – 1999

Super Studio Gallery – Jerusalem – 1994

ARTernatives Gallery- San Luis Obispo, CA – 1989

Of Southern California – LA, CA – 1986

Buffalo Street Gallery – Ithaca, NY – 1988

Smedley’s Gallery – Ithaca, NY – 1981

Eisenhower College – Seneca Falls, NY – 1978

Ithaca House Gallery – Ithaca, New York – 1978

Ceres Gallery, Chelsea, NYC 2017

Mercer Island JCC, Seattle, WA, 2016

Jerusalem Biennale, Israel (4 different exhibits) 2015

American Jewish University, Los Angeles, 2015

St. Elizabeth College – Morristown, NJ- 2014

Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem, Israel 2012

Antea Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 2012

Philadelphia Mus. of Jewish Art- Phil, PA – 2010

Mizel Museum – Denver, CO- 2010

El Camino College – LA, CA – 2009

Huan Tie Art Museum – Beijing, China – 2008

Bible Museum – Tel Aviv – Israel -2008

Rutgers University – Camden, NJ – 2005

Our Lady of the Angeles – LA, CA – 2005

Janco-Dada Museum – Ein Hod,Israel – 2004

Purdue University – Lafayette, IN – 2003

KunstKeller Gallery – Annaberg, Germany – 2002

Athenaeum Art Center – La Jolla, CA – 2001

Minnesota Center for Book Art – Minn, MN – 2001

SW Missouri. State U. – Springfield, MO – 2000

Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL – 2000

Morris Louis Gallery/Bezelel – Jerusalem – 1998

B’nai B’rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum – DC – 1997

Central Exhibition Hall – Moscow – Russia, 1996

ARTSpace – Jerusalem – 1995

The Knesset – Jerusalem – 1994

Arad Art Museum – Arad, Israel – 1994

Loyola University Gallery – LA, CA – 1991

UCLA Kirkham Gallery – LA, CA – 1991

of Wis. Fine Art Gallery – Milwaukee – 1987

Otis/Parsons Gallery – LA, CA – 1984

Amfac Plaza Gallery – Honolulu – 1984

Herbert Johnson Museum – Ithaca, NY – 1983

Long Beach Museum – LB, CA – 1983

Rutgers U. Art Mus. – New Brunswick, NJ – 1981

Traction Gallery – LA, CA – 1981

Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art – 1979

Cornell University Art Gallery – Ithaca, NY – 1978

Selected Public Collections

Arthur Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Boca Raton, FL NY Public Library, Special Collections, NYC UCLA, Young Library, Special Collections, LA, CA UC Berkeley, Judaica Library, Berkeley, CA

Yale U. Beinecke Rare Book Library, New Haven  CT

U. of WA, Rare Book Collection, Seattle, WA

U. of Denver Rare Book Library, Denver, CO

ICU Unit, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel

Midway Hospital Medical Center, LA

CA Tompkins County Hospital, Ithaca, NY

Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum, LA, CA

Brandeis-Bardin Institute, Simi Valley, CA

Artist’s House, Chilushskinskaya, Russia of Houston, Rare Book Library, Houston, TX Minnesota St. U. Arts Archives, Moorehead, MN Vassar Col. Rare Books Library, Poughkeepsie, NY U.of Colorado, Rare Book Coll., Boulder, CO University of Delaware, Rare Book Coll., Del., MD Rochester Inst. of Tech., Rare Book Coll., NY Virginia Commonwealth University, Book Arts Collection, Richmond, VA

Wesleyan U, Rare Books Lib., Middletown, CT University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Worried Me

2022 – front panel from Artitst’s Book, Family Secrets, 55cm 310cm Epson Plotter digital print of drawing and collage on paper (detail is 58cm)

Somehow She Knew

2022 – from Artitst’s Book, Family Secrets, 55cm 310cm Epson Plotter digital print of drawing and collage on paper (detail is 95cm)

Long Lost Shewolf

1986 – Goauche, colored pencil, oil crayon on paper 100cm X 130cm

Woman with Roots

2020 – Digital print of goauche on paper, 90cm X90cm

Woman Jumping over Low Hurdle (After Muybridge)”

2006 – Pencil, pastel, gouache on paper 104cm X 64cm