Laura Martinez

Nata nel 1962


data inserimento in W.A.D. 12/2022



I am Laura Martinez,  since  childhood  I showed interest in drawing,  mathematics, creation.  I  have  architecture studies, and  in my training  I  had  some courses: electrical  technician, fashion, painting,  engraving, ceramics. They  all appear in the   profile   of  my  artistic   constructions.  My  visual   research  and   aesthetic structures are always directed to the deep continuity of the intertwining, materially imtrapped in shapes, content and  colors  that  project  themselves into reversible conceptual questions in architectural spaces and to the spectators, for example.

Mexican, naturalized Brazilian, I am a visual artist who prioritizes from this context transform my experience into visual manifestos.

This  is  due  to the  powerful  clashes  from  my native  Mexico  to Brazil  – in  Porto Alegre and São  Paulo – transforming my works of art into grids of sensitive experiences.

My paintings, the  initials of landscapes and  calla lilies, show my admiration for Mexican muralists.

In these relations  between matter,  chromatism  and  concepts I try to establish concreteity  in   all   modalities,   from   painting  to  ceramic  procedures.  But  on occasions it is possible that it does not sprout, not cool, does not anneal or anneal cooks poorly as a kind of destruction-consummation of the work of art when  the catastrophe subsides.

In all artistic modalities I explore and build – painting, ceramics, sculptures installations, engravings, extramural art, monotypes, drawings, fashion, artist book,  intertexts a realism and/or  a magical baroque; flowers, butterflies, copper threads in tangled curtains and  veils, leaves, masks, bodies and  heads.

By exploring  the  malleability  and  chromatism  of copper yarns, in  crochet, to prolong in drawings by mating them  to ceramic pieces on the pretext  of drawing in-air cartographies that  refer to my roots and  my history. The  wires – metallic, such as copper or aluminum, of threads to sew or and  already in the painting of tree  bark  paper yarns – as support to reinforce the  construction, reconstruction, representation and  installation of my creative activity.

I sit my freedom and fly every time I hold the brush and walk through  the canvas, discovering  spaces, releasing  affections/effects,  creating  and  provoking reactions.”  Not  only  in  oil  but  in  all  techniques/materials  directly  related  to painting: monotype, watercolors, coal.

Ceramics  is  my companion,  my doing,  my way to create, to fulfill  my feelings, desires and  dreams.


Visual artist, Mexican naturalized Brazilian, I had  the first contact with art in the city of Porto Alegre in 1986. In the 1990s, I participated in courses and exhibitions at the Casa Lamm Cultural Center in Mexico City, winning several awards. I continued my background in painting at the Museum of Modern  Art and  with Mexican landscape painter Luis Nishizawa. Currently, I dedicate myself to utilitarian, artistic ceramics, as well as to sculpture and painting. I use copper wire bringing to my works the learning obtained from my mother  as a child, crochet. I weave the  thread in ceramics  and  in this  way I speak of my roots and  tell  my story, synthesizing my experiences. My works have  been exhibited in Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and  Canada.

Individual exhibitions: 2001  – Restaurante El Chisme – Mexico City (MX) 2018  – Weaving my roots – Malu Serra Gallery – São  Paulo (SP). 2022 – Subjective Glow

– Contemporary House; São  Paulo (SP)  – Archety Secrets – Malu Serra Gallery; Sao  Paulo (SP)

Collective exhibitions: 1986  – Arte Capela Porto  Alegre (RS) 1999  – Watercolor, Casa Lamm; 2000  – Abstract Painting. Universidad Iberoamericana (MX) 2007  – Painting UNAM FES  Acatlán (MX). 2015  – Carrousel du Louvre  – Salon Art Shopping Paris França 2016 – Offering of the Dead  – Artistic Direction – Memorial América  Latina,(SP).  2017-Biennale  Internazionale  d’Arte  di  Bari  and Metropolitan  Area  – Italy;  – Ceramic  Dressing  – Uruguay  Space – (SP).  – 2019

Transcend An Artistic Vision of Circular Dance. Painting. Inter Continental (SP);

– Ceramic  Art Show.  Maria  Antônia  USP  University  Center. – XXXI Art Show. British Brazilian Center (SP). 2020 – Resistance of Art Gallery – Casa Expo – (SP).

2021  – Ceramic Dressing, 2nd edition New Gallery Art Contemporary – (SP);  6th Ceramic  Universe  Exhibition  – Municipal  Museum Socorro (SP).  2022  – 14th Major  Exhibition  of Bunkyo  Art Craft  and  Contemporary Art. (SP)  -1ra  Literary and Cultural Feria. Invisible. Museu da Energia Itú, (SP) – 3ra Hexart, ALSP, (SP)

– Sculptures for all, Central Place,   Embú  das Artes, SP  – Matres Festival Internazionale Di Ceramica Femminile “VISIONI” and  “DESIGN”, Vietri sul Mare and  Cava  del’ Tirreni (IT) – Exhibition of Artistic and  Cultural Exchange Brazil – Taiwan,  Cultural  Center of Taipei,  (SP)  – EQUINOX,  Contemporary Art Week, Selection Curatorial Project Rocío  Rivadeneira, Iberoamerícana Presencial and Virtual Exhibition – National Anthropology, Plexi Gallery, (SP). 2023 Project exhibition WHIRLWIND / TORBELLINO / REDEMOINHO. Sub  Solo Art Laboratory & Truth Gym Gallery Vitoria, BC Canada

Awards: 1997  – 2nd  place  Design  – Casa Lamm;  – 1st place  Oil Paint  – Casa Lamm  – Cd.  México (MX). 1998  – 1st. place Painting – Casa Lamm;  2nd  place Drawing  of  Human   Figure,  Casa Lamm,  Cd.  México  (MX) 2015  – 9th  Great Bunkyo  Art Exhibition. Bronze  Art Craft Medal (SP)  – 1st place in the  30th  anni Circolo Italiano – Osasco (SP); 1st place – II Ceramic Universe Exhibition and 2nd place – Look Art Exhibition of the Year – Alesp. 2017. 11th Grande Arte Exhibition Bunkyo  Silver  Medal  Contemporary  Art (SP)   2018   –  Honorable  Mention-  III Ceramic Universe Exhibition – Alesp; Gold Medal in Ceramics – VIII International Visual Arts Exhibition – Alesp. 2019  – 3rd Place – IV Ceramic Universe Exhibition – Alesp; Ceramic Silver Medal – IX International Exhibition of Visual Arts – Alesp;

3rd place – Primavera Exhibition Cia. Arte Cultura – Alesp; 2nd place in Ceramics

– Exhibition Olhar – Alesp. 2020 – 3rd Place in Ceramics – 10th International Exhibition of Visual Arts Union of Plastic Artists and  National Committee of the International  Association  of  Fine  Arts  –  City  Hall  of  São   Paulo;  1st place  in Sculpture – 5th Ceramic Universe Exhibition – City Hall of São  Paulo. 2021  – 1st Place Sculpture and participant in the Final Challenge of Ultime Artist of Musasky

Gallery (SP) – 1st Place Ceramic XI International Exhibition of Visual Arts. SINAP/AIAP. Cultural Center Prof. Lauro Monteiro de Carvalho e Silva, Mogi Mirim. (SP)  2022  – 1st Place Ceramic High Temperature – VII Ceramic Universe Exhibition; 3rd place in ceramic place – Salon of Art Life – British Brazilian Cultural Center (SP).

Works in collection: Nostalgia – Pinacoteca de São  Bernardo do Campo (SP). La Mexicana – Memorial América Latina, São  Paulo (SP).

Participations  in  publications:   2021  Ceramic  Transgressions,  pag.  96  e  97.  – 2021  Pintura em  Tempos Sombrios, 2022  – An Experience between Plots and Shapes. Mão na Massa (Hand  in The Mass) Magazine, Fire Arts. No. 63, pag  6 and  7.

Presentation: 2022. An Experience between Plots and Shapes and a Work Shop: Weaving Wefts. CONTAF, Foz de Iguazu, PA.

Courses: 1986  – Painting course. Arte a Capela. Porto  Alegre. 1987  – Ceramic Painting Course, São  Paulo 1997  Painting course. Casa Lamm, Oscar Gutman; Drawing  Course. Casa  Lamm,  Oscar  Gutman, Cd.  Mexico.  1998  Engraving Course. Cd. Mexico. Free  Art School; – Oil Painting Course. Museum of Modern Art, Patricia Soriano Cd. Mexico; Human  Figure Drawing Course, Casa Lamm, Francisco Messeger; Painting Course, Casa Lamm,  Francisco Messeger. 1999

Watercolor Course. Lamm House, Carlos Nakatani. 1999-2000. Abstract Painting Course. Ibero-American University; Cd. Mexico. 2001  Engraving Technique Course. Printing Museum, Francisco Limón; Toluca; – Techniques and  Materials painting Workshop Museum Luis  Nishisawa,  Toluca  (MX). 2004-2007 Painting and Drawing Course. UNAM FES Adriana Melo; Naucalpan (MX). 2014 Ceramic Screen, Silvia Barros, Atelier Regina Esther, (SP)  2015-2016 Ceramic Enamels I y II, Flavia Vanderlei, SENAI, São  Bernardo do Campos; 2012-2017. Taller de Cerâmica, lathe and manual modeling, Hideko Homma,  Tania Smith y Acacia Acevedo; (SP)  2014-2017 Taller  de  Cerâmica,  Kenjiro  Ikoma,  Itapecerica  da Serra (SP) 2015-2018 Taller de Pintura, Geanete Reinis, (SP).  2019 Design and Creativity, Norma  Grinberg (SP);  Sculptures of Heads, Luciano Almeida, CONTAF.  Jordan Fields;  2019-2021; Enamels  I to IV, Rubén Alexander  Pela, Foundry and Sculpture of Human  Figure, Israel Kislansky, Museum of Image and Sound of São  Paulo; 2020-2021 Colagem, Renata Cruz,  Instituto Tomie Otake, (SP); 2020-2023 Painting: Practice and  Reflection, Paulo Pasta, Tomie Otake Institute, (SP);  2021  Ceramic sound instruments. Jesú Peralta. Argentina; 2023

Ceramic Safari Work Shop,  Curaumilla Art Center (Valparaiso, Chile).

Thoughts of Freedom, Autumn

2018 – 38 x 20 x 21 cm, 32 x 17 x 18 cm – Electric lathe and  manual modeling with porcelain, painted with enamels of own preparation with two burns at 1000  °C and  1240 °C with vase fabric 1 aluminum wire, vase 2 with copper wire


2017 – ze of the work: 60 x 45 x 7,0 cm – Work performed in electrical lathe and manual modeling in national porcelain, with two burns 1000  °C and 1240 °C painted with own enamels and  waved  with copper wire

Leafs Fall

2021 – 25 x 35 x 20 cm – Work performed in electrical lathe and manual modeling in national porcelain, with two burns 1000  °C and 1240 °C painted with own enamels and  waved  with copper wire

Butterfly nest

2018 – 50 x 30 x 30 cm – Work performed in electrical lathe and manual modeling in porcelain and  white clay, with three  burns 1000 °C, 1240 °C and  880°C,  painted with own enamels and  gold details and  waved  with copper wire.


2019 – 60 x 30 x 15 cm – Manual modeling with red and  white clay, with burning 1100 °C with copper wire