Marjo Postma

Nata nel 1958

Paesi Bassi

data inserimento in W.A.D. 12/2022



I am a visual artist living and working in Amsterdam (NL)

In all the different media I work in (drawing, aquarelle, printing, textiles, ceramics) my focus is always on nature. Every living and moving thing has my interest. I like to watch plants and trees, mamals and birds, the underwater world is also very attractive to me.

The images that I ‘capture’ in my work are the report of my dreams, collection of pictures, adventures and encounters, of what my eyes see and my spirit fabricates. 

Captured images not clearly realised but adapted, diluted, thickened, halved, cut, stretched, diminished, detoured, enlarged, flattened and joined together on paper or canvas.

When I am drawing my mind becomes fluid and my thoughts wander and weave and what I see I adapt in my own style: recognisable forms I can see as details in a new form, constructions can become living creatures. 

While working I travel into a new world, with no directions, no beginning and no end.

For me, drawing is like thinking with the pencil, travelling in an endless ocean where the imagination has no limits.

Characteristic to my work are the natural shapes, which on closer observation seem mysterious and enigmatic. My gaze towards nature is an intimate and loving one, with respect for all creatures, small and big.

With these playful twists I like to stimulate the spectator’s imagination.



-Gelderse Leergangen , teachertraining in drawing and textiles, from 1976-1982,

 Nijmegen, NL

-Rijksacademy of Visual Arts, from 1982-1984,  Amsterdam, NL

-1984: Winner Prix de Rome, Golden Medal

-Born: 7 september 1958, Ulestraten, NL

 Exhibitions (selection):

-2022: Arti et Amicitiae, Salon 22,  Amsterdam, NL

-2022: Performance and lecture, KNIR, Rome, IT

-2022: Limburg Biënnale #2, Marres, Maastricht, NL

-2022: Galerie Noord, ‘Natural’, Groningen, NL, solo

-2022: TRAleVOLTE, ‘Il sussurro della Tartarugha’, Rome, IT, solo                                  

-2022: MUGA, Heerenveen, NL, solo

-2021: Arti et Amicitiae, Salon 21, Amsterdam,  NL

-2021: Losdok, Amsterdam, NL, solo

-2021: ThisArtFair, Amsterdam, NL

-2020: ‘Symbiosis’, SEA Foundation, Tilburg, NL,  solo (supported by Mondriaanfund)

-2020: ‘Test Case’, Sundaymorning@EKWC, Oisterwijk, NL, groupshow

-2020: ‘Tekenkabinet’, edition 2020, Amsterdam, NL

-2020: ‘In The Garden of  My Mind’, Gallery Westerstorm, Westhoek, NL

-2019: Big Art #4, Zaanstad, NL

-2019: Gallery ‘Westerstorm, Westhoek, NL, solo

-2019: ‘Tekenkabinet’, edition 2019, Amsterdam,NL

-2019: Awagami Int. Print Exhibition, Tokushima, JP

-2019: ‘de Wasserette’, Amsterdam, NL

-2018: This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage,  @ Gallery Josilda da Conceicao, Amsterdam, NL

-2018: Gallery ‘Josilda da Conceicao’, Amsterdam, NL

-2018: ‘Tekenkabinet’, edition 2018, Amsterdam, NL

-2017: Awagami Int. Print Exhibition, Tokushima, JP

-2017: ‘Heritage House’, Meerssen, NL, solo

-2017: ‘de Wasserette’, Amsterdam, NL, duo

-2017: Gallery Josilda da Conceicao, Amsterdam, NL


-2021: Workingperiod: Drawing in Rome, with the support of Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds

-2020: Participant in Coronaproject: The Art Guest, initiative of Art is a Guaranty, NL

-2020: Artist in Residence (3 months) Sundaymorning@EKWC, Oisterwijk, NL

-2019: Presentation @ Museo Macro di Roma, ‘Autoritratto’, Rome, IT


-2022: Artistpublication: ‘The Whispering of the Turtle’, edition of 100, with support of ‘Pictoright’ Fund

-2021: Artistpublication: ‘Notes on Nature + how to conceal a giant turtle’ , edition of 1000

-2020: Artistbook: ‘Rare Specimen’ , edition of 13, handbound, numbered and signed, with the kind support of Mondriaan Fonds

-2020: Catalogue SeaFoundation Tilburg: ‘Symbiosis’

Work in the collections of the Rijksacademy in Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Royal Library in The Hague, City of Meerssen, Collection van Lith and Sons and in private collections in the Netherlands and Italy.


2019 – 13x18cm – MixedMedia

Dreamcoat Number 1

2021 – 70x120cm – wool

Dreamcoat Number 2

2021 – 70x115cm – wool

Overview Expo 2022

2022 – Overview Expo 2022 – Marjo Postma