Nynke Deinema

Nata nel 1963

The Netherlands


data inserimento in W.A.D. 06/2023



My theme is man, his vulnerability and me being a woman in this world. I am looking for the fringes of life; those I find interesting. It’s a fascination for the peculiarities of the human body and mind.

I research the covering of the body and the skin in different manners by means of media such as photo-works, collages and video. Covering has different meanings for me, it says something about cultural identity, but also about covering up matters.

I often use the body as raw material to induce emotions, ideas, desires and fears. A

lot of the work is related to skin or meant as skin. The work is ambivalent and somewhat autobiographical. I am not looking for perfection, but I look for the beauty in the imperfection: to attract and repulse…

From 2004 to 2018 I carried out various. The starting-point of the projects were socially engaged to the subject matter. The subject stems always from a personal interest which is investigated in an anthropological manner. The projects were site- specific and the information and the input of all people involved was the source from which an artwork is realized, revealing the subject inside out.


Education / Artist In Residence

2019 – AIR of one week in the Tower of Monnickendam

2017 – AIR, in Koromla Puszta, Hungary

2016 – H-Lab, artist in residence, Amsterdam southeast, CBK southeast

2011 – AIR, Vincent van GoghHouse, Zundert

2006 – workperiod, European Ceramic Workcenter, ‘s Hertogenbosch

2001 – College of Multimedia, Amsterdam

2000 – Media Academy, video-montage, Hilversum

1994 – Hochshule der Künste Berlin (exchange)

’90-95 – Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

’86-90 – Pabo, Hogeschool en omstreken, Rotterdam

Solo exhibition (selection)

2022 – ‘#Siloewok Sawangan’ at This Art Fair, Kromhouthal A’dam

‘#Siloewok Sawangan’, LOSDOK projectspace, A’dam

2021 – ‘Bildtgebaren’, gallery Westerstorm, Westhoek

2018 – ‘a Sworn Virgin and a Pink Sister’ in the butterfly room of Missionmuseum, Steyl

2013 – ’the Ritual cart’, museum Twentse Welle, Enschede

2011 – ’the Ritual cart’, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam

2011 – van GoghHuis, ‘the new potato eaters’

2010 – ’Home Sweet Home…’ perron 1, MIKC, Delden (cat.)

2007 – ‘Keurslijf’, Achter de Ramen, Amsterdam

2006 – ‘Dicht op de huid’, Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum, s’Hertogenbosch ‘Dicht op de huid’, Cacaofabriek, Helmond

2005 – ‘honey’, STRAAL, zijgevel van Cinema de Balie, Amsterdam

1999 – ‘no title’, galerie Lumen Travo, Amsterdam

1996 – ‘together’, galerie der weisse Elefant, Kulturamt Mitte, Berlijn(D)

Group exhibition (selection)

2023 – Tekenkabinet XI, Projectruimte BMB and gallery Art Singel 100, Amsterdam

‘TOTOK…Indisch Besef’, DUO exhibition gallery


‘#Cacao’, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, Salon

‘Sensory Landscape’, ‘het lichaam wil ook wel eens wat’,

galerie De Meerse, Hoofddorp

 2022 – ‘Lali/Diana and ‘Stone Faces of Naples, Kunst van het

geloven, in the side chapel of the monastery house, Sambeek

‘the new potato eaters’, Stedelijk Museum Breda, ‘Because of


‘OMG it’s me’ TEKENKABINET X, gallery Jan van Eden, A’dam and gallery with Tsjalling in Groningen

2021 – ‘Faces of Naples’ nr 2, (A5) auction by Deaddarlings, W139 A’dam

‘Hands of Old Masters’ TEKENKABINET IX, Amstelpark, A’dam

‘Hands of Old Masters’ nr.1, gallery Roy, Zülpich (D)

2020 – Stone Faces of Naples’, Corona Archives New Dakota, A’dam

‘Stone Faces of Naples’ TEKENKABINET XS, Amstelpark, A’dam

Lali/Diana, ‘eigenlich bin ich ganz anders’, gallery Roy, Zülpich (D)

2019 – ‘Human Conditions’ Nasty Woman/#teamFemke, Balie Amsterdam ‘met heel mijn hart’ jubilee reunion gallery Priveekollektie, Heusden Open Ateliers Westelijke Eilanden, ‘human conditions’ the Laundry, A’dam

2018 – ‘Hungarian Human Conditions’, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam

open studio days, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, 30 years existence, Amsterdam

2017 – ‘with all my heart’ Crimp, CODA museum, Apeldoorn Open Ateliers Westelijke Eilanden, ‘human conditions’ the Laundry, A’dam CBK southeast exists 30 years, CBK southeast, Amsterdam

2016 – ‘the Mummer and Sculptural Moods’, KCB Kunstenaars Centrum, Bergen

‘Bewogen Taal’ AIR in SouthEast, CBK southeast, Amsterdam

‘Lali/Diana’ installation in CBK zuidoost, Amsterdam

‘Condition Humaine 1,2,3,4’, Tetem, We like Art, Enschede

2015 – ‘sculptural moods nr 2’, SummerExpo, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag (cat.)

2012 – ‘Ben de Insanim’ (I am human too) photo-installation, Ankara (TR) (cat.)

‘Van Gogh artist-in-residence’, exhibitionproject from AIR Zundert

2011 – ‘milky thoughts’, SummerExpo, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag (cat.)

2010 – ‘Home Sweet Home…’ mEATing human and meat’ perron 58, Tilburg (cat.)

2009 – ‘Publieke werken’, Cacaofabriek, Helmond

2007 – ‘I am a stranger on earth’, Biblical Museum, Amsterdam

‘GHB Groothertogdom Brabant’ van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

2005 – ‘Post Earthquake Restoration’, Hyogo Prefectural Museum Kobe (Jap)

’Allerzielen Allicht’, pilotproject on the new Eastercemetry, Amsterdam

2004 – ‘Happy go Lucky’, Foundation V/H de Gemeente, Leeuwarden (cat.)

2003 – ‘Expocisicion de Honor’, 3rd International Art Biennale, Siart, La Paz (Bol)

2002 – ‘Dress the body’, Niggendijker, Groningen (cat.)

2001 – ‘Home Made’, Foundation V/H de Gemeente, Leeuwarden (cat.)

1999 – ‘Niet de Kunstvlaai’, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam (cat.) ‘Uitgelicht 3’, Kunstrai, Amsterdam

1998 – ‘the wedding’, video & computeranimation, gallery Akinci, Amsterdam

1997 – Uitgelicht 2’, Kunstrai, Amsterdam (cat.)

‘Some 9 Dutch artists’, LXX group , Aarhus (DK) (cat.)

‘Lichaam als kompas’, Begane grond (now BAK), Amsterdam (cat.)

Video screening (selection)

2023 – Miami New Media Festival, Hybrid Dialogues, ‘a Sworn Virgin and a Pink Sister, puntWG, Amsterdam

2014 – ‘the mummer’, Facade Video Festival, old citycenter Plovdiv, Bulgaria (cat.)

‘the mummer’, CologneOFF X, 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival.

‘the mummer’, Caïro Videofestival, Caïro, Egypt (EG)

2013 – ‘milky thoughts’, Facade Video Festival, old citycenter Plovdiv, Bulgaria (cat.)

2012 – ‘milky thoughts’ selected by One Minute Of The Week

2011 – ‘act without words’ , videofestival MAFF 2011, Almelo

2009 – ‘squeezing the meat, pressing the thoughts’, Art Video Screening, Orbero (SE)

‘honey’ travels with the One Minute among others BBC Big Screen in Hull (UK)

2008 – ‘China is moving’, Darklight 2008, Budda Bag Salon, Dublin (IR)

‘sensory landscape’ Kanks Video Festival 2008, Kansk (RUS)

2007 – ‘sensory landscape’. 20 estants vidéo numeriques et poétiques, Marseille (FR) (cat)

‘honey’, in the videobusstop from Rem Koolhaas, Groningen (NL)

2006 – ‘drowning in blankets’ Leidsvideofestival, Leiden (NL)

‘honey’ BBC Big Screen, 37Seconds, Liverpool, The Bigger Picture Manchester (UK)

‘honey’, ‘drowning in blankets’, Manifestation Internationale Videoformes 2006,(Fr)

2005 – ‘honey’, ‘drowning in blankets’, Media Art Festival Friesland, Leeuwarden ‘beng’, Jianghu Mobile Video, Lijiang Studio’s, Kunming (CN)

2004 – ‘act without words’, Darklight 5 Digital Festival Dublin (Ir)

‘act without words’, 6e Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art …, Montreal (Can)

‘Suzanne en Nystachmus’, OUTVIDEO, Jekatarinaburg (Rus)

2003 – ‘act without words’, the 8th International Filmfestival of New Film, Split (Kr)

‘beng’ en ‘oehoej’, Polderlicht videoprojection on window, Amsterdam

2001 – ‘O.punt’, Paradiso, construction with 10 pianists en 5 video artists, Amsterdam

2000 – ‘huig’ on MNN (art channel), New York (USA)

1999 – ‘huig’, Nieuwe Vide, Clip, Haarlem

1998 – ‘ratelend gebrabbel’ Kijk op de Wijk, de wijk Lombok, Utrecht

1997 – ‘Beckett’s stones’ and ‘huig’, Impakt film and videofestival, Utrecht

Public commission (selection)

2013 – sketch commission by Zorgacademy Parkstad, ‘Do Ut Des’, Heerlen

sketch commission by municipality Veenendaal, ‘wortelen’, Veenendaal Oost

2011 – commissioner municipality Leeuwarden, ‘Vlietzone Depicted’, Leeuwarden

commissioner CBK Southeast, ‘Oso Sma’ 2011 in Atrium of CEC building in Amsterdam

2009 – commissioner T.Z., ‘The country Delfland’, fiction country on Delflandplein, Amsterdam

2008 – commissioner Ymere, ‘Bed&Brek in the van der Pek’, Amsterdam

2007 – commissioner AFK, ‘Looking for the Northern feeling’, Amsterdam-North sketch commission municipality Woerden, 4 gable stones for residential area

2006 – commissioner AVL hospital, 2 photoprints on walkingbridge in hospital AVL, Amsterdam

2005 – commissioner AFK, ‘Check die merrie’, project about streetlanguage, Amsterdam

2004 – sketch commission living-annex learningcomplex, Foundation, Gorinchem

2002 – commissioner AFK, ‘You take everything you leave behind’, videotriptych, Amsterdam

Stipend / Prices / Nominations

2018 – projectstipend Wessel Zwartsenberg Fund (Prins Bernard Culturfund), municipality Venlo, Ellen and Jacques Scheuten Foundation for videoinstallation Missionmuseum, Steyl

2016 – projectstipend Tijl fund (Prins Bernard Culturfund) for project ‘Bewogen Taal’

2008 – projectstipend Amsterdam Fund for the Arts for ‘In search of the Northern feeling’

2007 – video ‘drowning in blankets’ nominated for Artprice new media of the Biblical Museum

publicationstipend Tijl fund (Prins Bernard Culturfund) for ‘drowning in blankets’

2006 – video ‘drowning in blankets’ nominated for IJzeren Haring, Leidsfilmfestival

video ‘drowning in blankets’ nominated: la prix de la Creation of Videoformes (Fr)

2005 – Dutch Embassy of Japan, Hyogo Prefectural Museum Kobe (travel costs)

2003 – basicgrant Mondriaan Fund (formerly Fund BKVB)

2000 – basicgrant Mondriaan Fund (formerly Fund BKVB)

1998 – startersgrant Mondriaan Fund (formerly Fund BKVB)

1996 – startersgrant Mondriaan Fund (formerly Fund BKVB)

Secondary activities (selection)

2022 – tour guide in Stedelijk Museum #female gaze, Vrije Academie

2019 – artist talk&workshop #female gaze forWomen Economic Forum

2017 -22 – museumteacher/tour guide, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2016 – museumteacher/tour guide, Land-Art, Flevoland

 2015 – art-educator/art-teacher/projectleader at Noordje, Amsterdam North

2015 – guestteacher on the HKU (art academy) Utrecht

2014-20 – museumteacher/tour guide, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2013 – guestteachter ArtEZ (art academy) about the Ritual cart in Enschede guestteachter Hogeschool of Amsterdam departement CMV

2010 – creative scout in Leiden for organisation Wijken voor Kunst

2009 – freelance art educator  www.nynkedeinemakunsteducatie.nl

2007 – performing artist project ‘Toeval Gezocht’, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2004-18 – founder Foundation Tijdelijk Zicht; realisizes temporary art works in public space

2003 – guestteacher on the ArtEZ (art academy) Enschede

1995-07 – teacher deafschool Ammanschool, part-time, Amsterdam

Trips/Stay Abroad

2018 – Land-Art travel through south-west America, Hands of America

2017 – Hongarije artist in residence ‘Collage III’  Human Conditions

2016 – Albanië research for video-installatie  Lali/Diana

2014 – Bulgarije research for video  the Mummer

2012 – Turkey video  shooting in Istanbul travel through south China

2005 – travel through Japan as a result of my photo-work in Hyogo Prefectural Museum Kobe

2002 – New York, America

2001 – travel through Ukraine

1998 – travel through China and Vietnam

1996 – Russia/Mongolia/China trans-siberian express Made in China

1994 – residence in Berlin Germany (exchange)


different priv.coll. – CBK Southeast – British Film Institute – Palace of Justice Arnhem – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital – priv.coll, Marjan van Tilborg, gallery-owner Lumen Travo – priv.coll. gallery Vous etes ici – priv.coll, Macha Roesink, director of former de Paviloens in Almere – Artotheek Schiedam – Parktv – CEC Amsterdam – Vincent van GoghHouse – Museum TwentseWelle Enschede – Amsterdam Museum


Siloewok Sawangan nr. 2

    2022 – 47 x 68 cm – edited photo, pastel


    Siloewok Sawangan nr. 6

    2022 – 30 x 30 cm – edited photo, pastel, tipp-ex

    Exhibition view

    2023 – photo @Maarten Nauw


    Exhibiton view

    2023 – Nynke Deinema



    My grandmother's collar

    2022 – 40 x 53 cm – edited photo, pastel