Sevim Arlslan

Nata nel 1963


data inserimento in W.A.D. 06/2023



1987 Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Turkish Traditional Arts, İstanbul, Turkey

1990 Master Degree at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, İstanbul, Turkey

1996 PhD at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, İstanbul, Turkey

2013 Associate Professor at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, İstanbul, Turkey

2019 Professor at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, İstanbul, Turkey

Have been working as A Professor at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts

I have researches and publications in the field of Turkish Carpet Art and European Tapestry weaving. I have international awards in the field of Woven Painting and Original Printmaking, have participated in many national and international personal, group exhibitions and Biennials. I have continue my works on Woven Painting and Original Printmaking in Istanbul.

The act of weaving is actually a process. The visual differences and aesthetic structure of weaving techniques from thousands of years of tradition allow us to obtain more than enough elements for the creation of a work of art. While considering the basic principles of weaving as an aesthetic structural element, I create the language of Weaving Painting with the colors I get from yarns as if mixing paint on a palette, while pointing out the contrast between the aesthetic and the practical.

I chose a style of expression in which the abstract and the concrete are intertwined, I am after weaving a simple and original attitude. The games played on the surface with “seals” formed by knitting from the details I chose from traditional motifs both go outside and stay inside the traditional structure.

I have been thinking and producing for a long time on how the traditional can be reinterpreted with a contemporary language.



Prize, “Bienalİzmir” 1. International İzmir Biennale of Arts, Izmir, Turkey, 2011

Honorary Mention, The Fine Arts International Contest 2008” Antonio Gualda Composer”, Granada, Spain, 2008

1st Prize, TRT 2nd Painting and Ceramic Competition Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003

Special Award of Ministry of Culture, Association of the Academy of Ex Libris İstanbul “Ex Libris International Contest Nazım Hikmet 1902-2002”,Istanbul, Turkey, 2001

1st Prize, Association of the Academy of Ex Libris 1st.Competition  “Ex Libris İstanbul 2000”, Istanbul, Turkey 2000

Honorary Mention, 2*Concorso International Ex-Libris Lomazzo (como) Opera Segnalata, Italy 2000

Honorary Mention, International Exhibition of Miniature Art Czestochowa, Poland 2000



2020 “Flora’s Stories”, Güler Art Space Art Gallery, İstanbul

2018 “Woven Exhibition”, Gallery Selvin,

2017 “Seçtiklerim” (My Choices), Woven and Engraving, Merinos Textile Museum, Bursa

2010 “Mühürlediklerim” (the ones I sealed), Woven and Engraving Exhibition, Gallery Selvin, İstanbul,

2006 “Wovens and Engraving”, Bodrum Art Gallery, Bodrum

2006 “Wovens and Engraving”, Antalya Museum, Antalya

2004 “Wovens and Engraving”, Artisan Art Gallery, Istanbul

1998 “WovensBasın Museum Art Gallery, Istanbul


2022 6th Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Fair, Thessaloniki, Greece

2020 Out of Covid Art Atelier , İtalia

2018 Exhiport “les travaux sur papier”, Galerie Da Vinci Art, Paris

2018 International art on paper “50”, Tokyo, Japonya

2018 Art Forever Grup Exhibition, Boris Georgiev Varna City Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

2018 “Mythological Discourses”, Textile Arts Exhibition, City Museums Complex Exhibition Hall, Eskişehir

2018 Olpesido International “art on paper” Barter Project  Exhibition, Karlık Evi Boutigue Hotel, Cappadocia

2016 Painting and Sculpture Museums Association, V. International Printmaking Competition, İstanbul Exhibition, Caddebostan Culture Center Art Gallery, İstanbul. Turkey

2016 BEZCE2016 7th  International İstanbul Textile Conference and Exhibition  “Anadolu’ya DokuNan Bezler” (ClothTouching Anatolia), International Textile Art Exhibition, Marmara University Cumhuriyet Museum, İstanbul, Turkey

2015 CuriosiTIES “A Curious Look on Ties,” Belgium HetLABO and Marmara University Faculty of Fıne Arts Exhibition,  Cumhuriyet Museum, İstanbul, Turkey

2015 X Edizione della New Florence Bienale di Arte Contemporanea, Fortezza da Basso,Italy

2013 Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea di Firenze, Fortezza da Basso, Italy

2012 “The Labyrinth” Exhibition, Galerie Daliko Krems, Austria

2011 “tHeArt Show” International Painting Exhibition, Erenus Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey

2009 ”MARMARA O Arte Nas Suas Ribeiras, The Art On İts Shores”, Museo Municipal, Ourense, Spain

2009 Internatıonal Women Artists Exhibition, Marmara University, Haydarpaşa Campus, Istanbul, Turkey

2009 Marmara University Faculty of Fıne Arts Exhibition of Faculty Members at Academıa, Gallery Natıonal Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007 Internatıonal Art Exhıbıtıon Celebratıng 50 Years of Diplomatıc Relatıons between Turkey and Korea, Turkey Islam Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2006 The Exchange Exhıbıtıon between Korea and Turkey, Korea

2006 5th Egyptian International Print Triennial, Egypt

2005 International Textile Art Exhibition “Visions in Textiles” İzmir State Art and Sculpture Museum, Izmir, Turkey

2004 İnternational Ex Libris Competition “II Bosco Stregato” Italy

2003 V. International Graphic Competition for Ex Libris Gliwice, Poland

2003 Ex Libris Section “The Dream of Aphrodite” Acqui Terme, Italy

2003 6th International Biennial of Engraving Acqui Terme, Italy

2003 14th Internationale Ex Libris Wedstrijd (mythologie) Sint–Niklaas, Belgium

2003 10th Internatıonal Bıennale Exhıbıtıon of Small Forms and Ex-Lıbrıs Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland

2002 Gallant and Erotic Creation in the Ex Libris and small-sized Graphic Havirov, Czech Republic

2002 19th International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Ex Libris, Malbork, Poland

2000 19th International Biennale Exhibition of Small Forms and Ex-Libres, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland


2014 – 80x160cm – weaving – wool, silk

İn time

2016 -80x160cm – weaving – wool, silk



2018 – 80x130cm – weavin – wool, silk


2013 – 50x160cm – weaving – wool, silk



Being İnside Out

2015 – 40x40cm weaving – wool, silk