Susana Mulas Lastra

Nata nel 1964


data inserimento in W.A.D. 12/2022



I am a Spanish visual artist with a background in ecology, living and working in The Netherlands.

I get inspired by nature that we cannot see at first glance. The beauty, mystery and importance of it for our planet is what fascinate me the most. I use paper as a microscope and I translate my observations and reflections into detailed pastel drawings.

I have already attended numerous group exhibitions and published in several art magazines, such as the Spanish-Algerian magazine Al-Tiba 9 and the Dutch online magazine Mister Motley. In 2021 I had my first solo exhibition in Amsterdam.



20212022 * Seminar Graphic techniques, Graphic Atelier Alkmaar (GAA)

20202021 * Master Trajectory Drawing Inventions Academy (DIA) led by Arno

Kramer, Dineke Blom and Caren van Herwaarden

2020 * Workshop Painting-, Drawmaterials for artists, led by P. Keune

2018 * Masterclass Robbie Cornelissen, School of Arts, Amersfoort

* Two days masterclass Roland Sohier, Central Museum, Utrecht

20132018 * Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht, 5-year part-time Visual Arts study

19821987 * Biologist-Ecologist, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


2022  * Breathing water | Upscale Gallery, Rotterdam (solo)

* Look what we found | Projectruimte BMB Gallery, Amsterdam

* Being on paper | VHDP Exhibitions, Amsterdam (solo)

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet’ | 10th edition het Tekenkabinet | Gallery Art Singel 100, Amsterdam

* Kunstvierdaagse | Kunsthal 45 Gallery, Den Helder

* Limburg Biennial #2 | Marres, Maastricht

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet Xtra’| Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen

* The future is now | Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH

2021  * ‘The Drawing Cabinet’(het Tekenkabinet)| Expo Thuis Gallery,Amsterdam

* 5e Biennial of Valencia Ciutat Vella Oberta, Valencia-Spanje

* Still Spring | In de dwarsstraat, Amsterdam

* ‘Lively landscape’| KCB-Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH

* Auction Exhibition | Kunsthal 45, Den Helder

* Art10days Bergen, pop-up gallery Playroom | Klein Zwitserland, Schoorl

* SchoK-Play Room Gallery, Schoorl

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet’ | 9th edition het Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam

* ‘Voices of Earth’, VR exhibition | Art from Earth (UK)

* ‘Walking the (in)visible’ | Kunsttraject Amsterdam, Amsterdam (solo)

* ‘Corona and the Sale’ | Art Society Pictura, Groningen

* Window exhibition Gallery De Kapberg, Egmond aan den Hoef

* ‘6th small sized works exhibition’, VR | Aria Gallery,Teheran

2020  * Kaalstaart, Science, technology and new crafts Festival, De War-Amersfoort

* Gallery De Kapberg, Egmond aan den Hoef

* Be my Guest V, Art Farm, Heerhugowaard

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet XS 2.0’ | 8th edition het Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam

* ‘Drawings’ | Kunstuitleen Alkmaar

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet XS’ | 8th edition het Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam

* Virtual Exhibition@Punch | Punch Exhibition Space

* ‘An Opening in the Corona Era’ | Playroom Gallery, Zaandam

2019  * ‘Salon of New Members 2019’ | KCB-Museum Kranenburgh,Bergen NH

* ‘Passage’ | Cultuurnacht Texel’19, De Wielewaal-De Waal

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet’, summer| 7th edition het Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam

* ‘Coral lives’ | Science Encounters Art(S.E.A) Art Tour | Museum Kaap Skil, Oudeschild

* ‘Artist’s books’| Kunsthal 45 Gallery, Den Helder

* ‘Salon des Artistes 2019’ | Ateliers Baztille, Zoetermeer

* ‘Artsunami’| Playroom Gallery, Zaandam

* ‘Pop up Ijburg’| het Tekenkabinet (The Drawing Cabinet), Ijburg- Amsterdam

* ‘100% Women’| Global Artist Village Network | Big Church or Sint

Laurenskerk, Alkmaar

* ‘Apparently’| KCB-Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH

* ‘The Drawing Cabinet’, winter | 7th edition het Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam

2018  * Graduation Exhibition| Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht| Loods 6,Amsterdam


2022  * Catalog 10th Tekenkabinet

* Oddball Space, Artist of the Week (online)

2021  * Catalog 9th Tekenkabinet

* Ever-emerging Magazine | Spring Sprung Special Edition, online

* Interview blog Jaguar Arte, online Art Gallery

2020  * Catalog 8th Tekenkabinet

* Al-Tiba 9 Contemporary Art Magazine | Issue Four |DZ

* A Curator Reviews: Susana Mulas Lastra, Exhibition ‘An Art Opening in the Corona Era’, Jeroen van Paassen | Galerie PlayRoom, Zaandam

* Video publication by #EL ARTE NOS SALVA LA VIDA COVID19 (#Art save

our lives”) | Museo la Neomudejar Madrid

2019   * Catalog Artist’s books-Kunsthal 45 Gallery

* Murze Magazine | Issue Six-Colour | UK

* Catalog 7th Tekenkabinet

* Murze Magazine, Issue Four | UK

2018  * Murze Magazine | ’Art for Advent project 2018’, online publication

* Mister Motley | ‘Graduation Special 18’, online publication


* Selected 1st round 2019,2020 Delphian Gallery OpenCall

* Nominated Dutch Drawing of the year 2018 shortlist

Other recent work

2019 * Drafting shortlist of artist’s for ‘Artwork on the dike’ on memory of the dike improvement. Water Control Board Hollands Noorderkwartier in cooperation with Science Encounters Art Foundation (S.E.A), Texel-The Netherlands

2017 * Co-founder and co-curator of the project Science Encounters Art (S.E.A), Texel-The Netherlands Member of Artists’association KunstenaarsCentrumBergen (KCB) since 2019


2022 – 35x30cm – Pastel, pastel pencil, Siberian chalk on paper


2022 – 35x30cm – Pastel, pastel pencil, Siberian chalk on paper

Unfolding the tree of life

2019 – 150x90cm – Pastel, Conté, Siberian chalk on paper


2021 – 100x70cm – Pastel, charcoal on paper


2021 – 200x150cm – Pastel, charcoal on paper,