Giusi Bonomo

Born in 1978


date of insertion W.A.D. 10/2021



I was born in Modica in 1978, the city where I live and work.

I studied Law at the University of Catania dedicating myself to research and work in law firms, collaborating with professionals. Subsequently, I trained in the cultural tourism sector and participated in various courses, seminars and conceptual workshops of photography and theater.

I am a member of the Association of Women Photographers – Association of Italian Women Photographers.

Currently he collaborates with some publishing houses for the realization of interviews and reviews of photographic books.


Collective Exhibitions and Publications


– MIKROS, book publication with artist multiples by Doorpublishing, Rome

– Itaca: Work created for Balloonproject’s Manifestoin3D. Art, as part of the “20s Energie Nove” project proposed by the Piero Gobetti Study Center in Turin, with the collaboration of Officine Culturali di Catania

– I Care: photographic work (triptych) selected by the artistic direction of PhEST, International Festival of Photography and Art in Monopoli, 6 August – 1 November 2021

– Mojo exhibition, Charta Festival, Rome 17-25 July 2021

– Mojo, editorial publication on Yogurt Magazine by Yogurt Editions, Rome

– Traveling exhibition project “Donne Forti”, in memory of Agitu, Valsusa Filmfest 18-25 July 2021

– Peripherie exhibition, 20-21-22 August 2021, Off Section – Grenze Arsenali Photo, International Photography Festival in Verona


– “Der zoo”, T2 Photographic Paths, curated by Laura Manione and Ottavia Castellina, SpazioArte Perspective 16 Gallery, Boretto (RE)

– “Der zoo”, Balloon I Contemporary Art and Publishing, curated by Valentina Barbagallo and Giuseppe Mendolia Calella

– “Untitled, 2020“, Italy Photo Award, Prize for the enhancement of photographic culture

– I Demoni Meridiani, Grenze Photographic Arsenals, Verona Photography Festival; zine #M publication of Spaziofotocopy by Magazzini Photo, Naples

– Special mention “Sensorium”, call “Desire” Urbanautica / Ragusa Foto Festival

– “Rebirths” by Clic.hé web magazine

– “Rebirths”, by Covid_magazine

– “Rebirths”, SHUTDOWN, curated by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Rome Events photography

– “BAD TASTE” by Yogurt Magazine

– “Erbario”, on Origine magazine

– “Der zoo”, Passepartout Photo Prize, International fine art photography contest, online gallery, Rome

– In The Light of you, a performance project conceived and curated by the artist and photographer Giorgio Barrera


– “Istanbul”, “Urban Literature 5.0” Photography Festival, with the patronage of AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research.

– PAROLES D’HISTOIRES, curated by Acte Public Compagnie, Film Festival, Entertainment, Documentaries, Lyon (France)

– On the road, collective photographic exhibition, curated by Luisa Briganti, Kromart Gallery, Rome

– “Der Zoo”, T2, curated by Laura Manione and Ottavia Castellina, Quarenghicinquanta Photogallery, Bergamo

– “The botany of affections”, publication on Fotoit, FIAF

– “Istanbul”, Urban Literature 5.0.1, edited by Antonio Buonocore and Chiara Mazzeri, Patronage of AIRC, Italian Association for Cancer Research, Piedmont Region, Aosta Valley Region


“Unusual urban” published on Clic.hè, a web magazine of photography and visual reality

– “Persona” Si fest off 2018 curated by Tomas Maggioli, Festival in Savignano sul Rubicone

– “Space, openness, freedom” on CLICHE ‘, a Web magazine of photography and visual reality published by Deaphoto, Florence


– “Fotografica-mente”, a photo counseling course organized by the Clinic of the Province of Ragusa

– “Sensorium” collective exhibition of contemporary art curated by Giuseppe Carrubba, in collaboration with the MACT & CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Civic Gallery of Floridia, Syracuse

– “1801 Passaggi” an Italian country 2017, by the MAVI Museo Antropologico Visivo Irpino and the LaPilart Association

– VIRIDI, curated by Laura Manione, Sanremo Flower Museum, Villa Ormond

– Urban Literature 2.0 collective photographic exhibition curated by Antonio Buonocore, at Arca San Marco in Vercelli


– “They burn the calf” video by Serafino Amato, Fiorentini Art Studio in Rome, at John Cabot University

– “They burn the calf” collective photographic exhibition curated by Serafino Amato, Fiorentini Art Studio, John Cabot University Rome

– “They burn their calf”, Trame. 5, Festival of books on the mafia, Art director Gaetano Savatteri, journalist and writer

– collaboration with the online magazine “La Pagina”

Senza titolo

2017 – 15x25cm – stampa digitale su carta baritata, b/w, cornice scura, vetro museale

Oltre le rosse ferite dei pensieri

2017 – 50x70cm – stampa digitale, cornice scura, vetro museale

Eis Pegàs

2015 – 20x27cm – stampa fine art, carta baritata


2020 – 20x27cm – stampa fine art, carta baritata

Der Zoo

2019 – 15x15cm – stampa fine art su carta Hahnemühle